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‘I was conscious that my belly was starting to look a bit big in some of my dresses. I was going to the gym but still wasn’t able to lose weight and tone up in that area. Laurence has helped me soo much and I am able to train at home at a time that I am free. I see him twice a week and carry out my own training once a week that he sets me to do’



‘Laurence has helped me get into shape and develope my fitness so I was ready to compete in the Tae kwon do championships. His sessions were designed around the kind of areas that I needed, i.e. flexibility, strength, explosive power and nutritional advise. He has really helped me a lot’

Clive Moram

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‘Laurence has helped with my motivation, I got fed up with the gym so contacted him.  He made training enjoyable and kept on to me to keep going which is what i needed. Sessions were always varied and i have really toned up and lost weight’



‘I wanted to get fit for the Bristol Half Marathon so contacted Laurence, he was very knowledgeable in how to develop my fitness levels and got me to a level so I was comfortable to go into the half marathon knowing I would be able to finish it. He helped me on the nutritional side of things as well and I definitely felt the benefits of knowing what to eat, etc’